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Now Dig This Dennis Rowland's latest Concord Jazz CD "Now Dig This" is a loving vocal tribute to the melodically warm, yet emotionally cool recorded work of the 50's and early 60's Miles.
CD available, click here. find more Dennis Rowland Music at Amazon.comfind more Dennis Rowland Music at
CD available, click here. find more Dennis Rowland Music at Amazon.comfind more Dennis Rowland Music at
CD available, click here. find more Dennis Rowland Music at Amazon.comfind more Dennis Rowland Music at

Dennis Rowland Music

Peter Watrous, The New York Times.
" once honest and liberating. What Mr. Rowland dispenses should be sold at drugstores."

Andrew Rowan, Cabaret Hotline.
"...Dennis Rowland brings with him the stage performers ability to convey intimacy in even the most immense of settings. He cannily pulls off an inspired homage to the ultimate larger than life jazz musician, Miles Davis.

Dennis Rowland Music


Dear Friends,

It's taken a little time for me to "Come back baby, come back" down to earth after the glorious benefit concert held November 6th at Herberger Theater's Center Stage.

Having the incredible group of music legends performing created a wave of love, support and from-the-heart sharing of music. I'm so blessed and thankful for everyone who performed and attended this one-night-only event. We were honored with more than 600 attendees. . . now that's a party!(See photos)

My love and appreciation to Greg Warner and Gregg Field, the music masters who co-produced and directed our music presentation and who, of course, also performed on drums. My brothers in music and life.

Deep gratitude for our sponsors who made the benefit possible. Special thanks to Remington's Restaurant and Lounge at The Scottsdale Plaza Resort and Herberger Theater Center for graciously providing so much support. The tech crew–lighting, sound and staging–all worked their magic for us. Much appreciation, as well, to the generous donors who provided such wonderful auction items...and to the bidders who made the auction a sell-out!

People have been so kind in supporting my wife Sydney and I during this very difficult time in our lives. We've so needed everyone's help. We've so needed every dollar raised.

Many have asked what I'm doing now, and in one word: Therapy. I'm proud to announce I've been accepted to receive services from Arizona State University's Speech and Hearing Clinic for spring semester 2014. Joel Robin continues to provide my music therapy, and I will continue outpatient rehab at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center.

And the biggest therapeutic boost?!...being able to join in on gigs, making music the best that I can, for now. After months of speech and music therapy, I'm able to sing one song well (Miles Davis' "All Blues"), and although most of these lyrics are one-syllable words, it required hours of effort and concentration. This progress makes me very proud, but much hard work lies ahead.

An important anniversary approaches: December 19, my one-year mark of surviving. Prayers of gratitude for this, and for all the kindness, support, friendship, love and understanding from so many.


December 2013

Dennis Rowland Music

A trustee-administered account in the name of Alan Blaine of the National Bank of Arizona has been established to help with Dennis' living expenses, health care and rehabilitative therapy.

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